ZH Sports Teams Page
The coverage platform for Internacional and Grêmio, two of the most important football teams in Brazil, one of the greatest rivalries in the world 


Brazilians love football. Internacional and Grêmio are two of the most important teams in Brazil, with millions of passionated fans. 

Grupo RBS has a newspaper called ZH (zero hora), one of the largest circulations in Brazil. Most of their online traffic is about these two football teams. To make sure that our regular users would have access to the best content experience about those two teams, we've created a powerful but simple coverage platform. 

Through this platform, users can easily find everything about next and past games, the latest publications and easy access to championships. We also created a new approach for articles, improving the flow on the user experience.

Design Direction & Strategy
Luciano Pouzada

Product and Visual Design
Luciano Pouzada, Filipe Guth, Vinícius Benvenuti

Colorado ZH & Gremista ZH apps
Smartphone apps for teams coverage experiences


Colorado ZH and Gremista ZH are smartphone applications for two of the biggest football teams in Brazil: Internacional and Grêmio. Usually, Internacional's fans are called "Colorados" and supporters for Grêmio are known by "Gremistas". So, we've created the best mobile experience to follow every step of these two teams. Immersive, easy to use and with amazing content brought to users by ZH.


Video players
New video experiences for GroupRBS digital products


Content Management Platform
Experience vision for the Grupo RBS's cms