Helping to make a better world


Nodo.cc is a company of talented business and technology guys in south of Brazil. In 2012 they invited me to support them on create a service called Urbotip.

Urbotip is a service through which you can share issues in your city with the world, trying to show authorities the right places where to act. The concept is really simple: you see something, create a cause telling us where these issues are taking place and, using the power of social media, your voice will be stronger.

It was a great experience. From branding to visual design, I was able to support Nodo on finding the best experience for create and share causes, help your city to be a better place to leave. 


Design Direction
Luciano Pouzada

Product and Visual Design
Luciano Pouzada

Branding & illustrations
Luciano Pouzada

Product Concept and Strategy
Nodo.cc & Luciano Pouzada